Why It Matters

We believe that the Community College Pathways program has a very positive impact on everyone involved, individuals and institution alike. Enrollment pipelines between community colleges and four-year institutions will grow, stabilize, and/or diversify campus communities. Four-year colleges will be able to plan for these incoming upper-class students.  Community colleges will increase graduation rates. Students will be encouraged and supported to complete their associate’s and then bachelor’s degrees. Time to completion of these degrees will be optimized.

The following articles, op-eds, and reports show why the CCP effort matters:

  • Library:  Timely articles, opinion pieces, and reports pertinent to the CCP effort.
  • Case Studies:   Up and running CCP programs. (to be added later)
  • Changing Lives:  Stories about CCP students whose lives were enriched because of the program. (to be added later)