The Process

CCP is a working partnership between a four-year college or university and a select group of community colleges. Partner institutions create CCP Teams comprising academic, student life, and enrollment management representatives. Explicit agreements between these schools define the opportunities available to and expectations of participating students.

Through our consulting, advising, and facilitating services, we work collaboratively to build institutional infrastructure using a phased approach that enables the four-year college or university to build long-term partnerships with community colleges.

A three-step process establishes the program within 12 to 18 months. A fourth step – Assessment – measures the program’s success over the succeeding 18 months.

Step 1:  Exploratory Conversation – A discussion with leadership at the four-year institution to determine whether CCP aligns with the school’s current plans and interests. This can take place in person or via a conference call.

Step 2:  Site Visit

Data and Document Review – prior to campus visit (e.g., recent enrollment trends and current agreements with community colleges).

Program Review – One-on-one interviews with key stakeholders, individuals currently and potentially involved with the transfer process.

The Goals:  Identify areas of current strength and unrealized opportunities. Determine the institution’s capacity – from a human resource, programmatic, and financial perspective – to engage in the CCP approach.  Identify the individuals who will lead the program’s implementation. Establish a timeline for implementation.

The Deliverable:  A comprehensive report of findings and recommendations for next steps.

Step 3:   Program Implementation – Create sustainable working partnerships between the four-year institution and community colleges and generate business processes and documents to support them.  Help identify the first cohorts of CCP students.

Step 4:  Assessment – On-site meetings to analyze the success of the first and second cohorts of CCP students.