Kurt M. Thiede, M.Ed.

 Kurt Thiede has worked in higher education administration for over three decades. His senior management responsibilities have included strategic planning, enrollment management, student recruitment/admission/retention, financial aid, marketing communications, student life, program development and implementation, intercollegiate athletics, and alumni relations.

Kurt’s strong belief in the transformational power of education, heartfelt passion for creating avenues of access to higher education for all motivated and deserving students, and ongoing commitment to find innovative solutions at times of complex change led to the development of the Community College Pathways concept.

In general, Kurt views enrollment management within the context of the prospect-student-alumni lifecycle. He employs strategies and tactics that establish relational pipelines to build and maintain quality and diverse enrollments at the institutions he has served on staff and as a consultant. He collaborates with an institution’s leadership to create and implement solutions that address needs and interests specific to each school.

summa cum laude graduate with a degree in Interdisciplinary Philosophy from Barrington College (now Gordon College), Kurt received an M.Ed. in Higher Education Administration from the University of Vermont, and attended the Institute of Educational Management at Harvard University Graduate School of Education in 1992. He held leadership appointments for 18 years at Muhlenberg College, nine at Bucknell University and has served as an enrollment consultant to numerous higher education clients.

Along with enjoying his family, Kurt’s interests include organic gardening, biking, reading, and writing. He and his wife, Laura, reside in and work from Andover, MA.

What Others Say…

“For more than a decade, Kurt Thiede has been deeply committed to building transfer pathways to four-year colleges for community college students. His collaborative, practical, student-centered approach is based on many years of experience in college admissions, which has provided Kurt with deep knowledge about the processes, policies, and practices that can strengthen transfer pathways between institutions.”

Emily Froimson, President of Gateway to College   www.gatewaytocollege.org

“The Community College Pathways initiative offers a systematic, focused way for four-year institutions and community colleges to partner on helping students achieve their bachelor’s degree. I’ve known Kurt Thiede for a decade now, and have come to admire his expertise in college admissions, his ability to solve problems for institutions with innovative approaches, and his passion for opening doors to education. He will be an invaluable asset in helping schools turn opportunities for these outstanding students into reality.”

Pete Mackey, Ph.D., President of Mackey Strategies and former chief communications officer, Amherst College  www.mackeystrategies.com

“I applaud Kurt Thiede for his tireless efforts in creating the Community College Pathways initiative which provides a natural and seamless partnership between community colleges and four-year institutions. I have known Kurt for well over a decade and have always admired his passion and commitment  to access for all. The Community College Pathways initiative is a win-win for all parties.”

Steady H. Moono, Ed.D., President of Schenectady County Community College  www.sunysccc.edu