Community College Pathways (CCP) provides benefits to both participating students and institutions.

A college education can be a transformational experience for individual CCP students and can have a positive ripple effect on their families, communities, and future generations.  The early formation of explicit and comprehensive pathways to four-year colleges eliminates the uncertainty that often accompanies the transfer process.

CCP is designed to produce sustainable systemic change at participating institutions. We work closely with each campus community to build operational infrastructure and establish a culture that encourages and supports the transition and ultimate success of CCP students.


Community College Pathways seeks to benefit four groups:

  • Students who participate in the program.
  • Community Colleges seeking to increase degree completion rates.
  • Four-Year Institutions working to increase, stabilize, and diversify their enrollments.
  • The Communities where graduates live and work after college.


Community College Pathways provides financial benefits to the partner institutions and the individual students participating in the program.

Four-Year Colleges and Universities

  • Net tuition revenues from additional enrollments. Greater student success provides optimal return on investments (operating and scholarship budgets).
    • CCP taps into a large pool of prospective students in a significant and sustainable manner.
    • CCP enrolls students with a high potential for success.
  • Enrollment pipelines allow institutions to optimize their resources through careful planning.

Community Colleges

  • CCP supports retention and degree completion efforts.
  • Pathway opportunities present a student recruitment tool.

Individual Students

  • Entering higher education through the community college portal provides financial savings.
  • Early commitment to financial assistance provides the opportunity for each student to plan accordingly.
  • Financial planning helps optimize federal and state entitlements, along with personal resources.
  • Students are able to manage their debt in a thoughtful and reasonable manner.